Our work is informed by an enjoyment of both the craftsmanship of traditional construction methods and the opportunities of modern technologies and materials, and we seek to design buidings that are both rooted and forward thinking - and that enhance the lives of their occupants. 

Our interest in the craft of construction has been cultivated through extensive experience in practice, as well as directly through ongoing self-build projects that have provided hands-on experience of a wide range of construction materials and trades. These projects continue to offer a field for experimentation and research and develop our ingenuity as designers.

We believe that design is a collaborative process and enjoy working closely with clients to understand and respond to their needs. We have an established network of consultants and contractors with whom we have a record of working successfully in developing appropriate, efficient and well-made responses. We are experienced at working within complex Planning and Heritage contexts and in delivering projects for our clients on site. 

If you are interested in working with us, please contact us at the details above.