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Whithurst Lodge

West Sussex, 2001 - for James Gorst Architects


A new 400 sqm gatehouse set against the backdrop of a deciduous wood at the entrance to a 100 acre parkland estate in West Sussex. The oak cladding has been left to weather naturally, blending with the muted palette of the in-situ concrete frame and zinc roof. At ground floor the living spaces open to the expanse of the surrounding meadow. Above the building is shuttered and closed, sheltering a more private world.

The building has been widely published and received an RIBA Award in 2002 where the Awards Committee noted that;

'The jury were impressed by this finely crafted private house.... Client, Architect and Contractor worked closely together to achieve a finished product of high quality - the craftsmanship is in tune with the fine materials. The building has integrity, consistency and conviction and could provide beneficial inspiration to mass builders working in the region.'

Sandy Rendel was Project Architect for the building.

Photography: David Churchill courtesy of James Gorst Architects