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Aldgate Landmark

London 2010, - with Cassion Castle Architects and Structure Workshop


Located on the site of the historic ‘Ale-Gate’ on the edge of the City of London, our proposal is a re-imagined gateway for the modern multicultural era. It seeks to provide an archway that is also an inhabitable public space: an arch for everyone.

Our proposal takes the form of a three-legged structure made of heavy-gauge unpolished stainless steel and unfinished oak boards. The space underneath is surprisingly open, almost ‘tent-like’, and arranged to allow free pedestrian movement through and around it. In contrast the space above is designed for more lasting occupation. Each ‘leg’ of the structure has raked seating, each of a different incline and orientation. Its elevated outlook provides an escape from the traffic and views down each of the three approach roads. This ‘hill-like’ landscape, lined with timber, can be occupied in a variety of ways for individual or communal use.

The form of the proposal is deliberately simple in order to provide an infrastructure for occupation without being too specific about its use. It is intended to remain open to interpretation so that the structure will stitch itself into the local imagination.

The project was selected to be exhibited at the 2010 London Festival of Architecture.