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Monkton Cottage

West Sussex, 2021

1/5Garden View

A new 4 bedroom house to replace a bugalow in Cuckfield, West Sussex. The house follows the of the site slope gradually stepping down and offering increasingly generous ceiling heights in the principle living spaces.

At ground floor the house is laid out as a simple rectilinear plan that is cut into around the perimeter to bring sunlight and daylight deeper into the plan and provide sheltered external spaces. Out of this plinth rise three bedroom ‘towers’ at first floor with simple mono-pitch roofs orientated in different directions. Their separation allows each to benefit from a dual aspect with views over the garden and preventing any overlooking or loss of privacy for the adjacent properties on the east and west boundaries.

A covered external link connects the main house to a separate single storey garage/annexe wing framing the entrance courtyard.

Construction has commenced and is due to complete in 2022.