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Lymington, Hampshire, 2012

1/7View of the new house

A new house to replace a detatched two-storey dwelling on a flat, irregular shaped site on the edge of the New Forest National Park. The existing house suffers from a confused plan as the result of numerous incremental extensions. The new building addresses these issues by providing a highly sustainable and fluid layout and re-establishing its connections to the landscape.

Contemporary in form and appearance, yet reflecting the local rural architectural character, the building is split into two principal forms. The main two-storey element maintains the orientation and scale and wide frontage of the existing house and at the rear the massing is broken down with a single storey pavilion housing the primary living spaces. The wedge shaped plan of the main body improves the aspect of the front and rear and creates a subtly rising ridge line which reflects the asymmetric character of the existing house and many of its neighbours.